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Recently, I have been looking at a way I can show more of photos of Japan as videos for those people who follow me on YouTube. I found a service by Animoto that allows you to automatically create videos and add music tracks that have been copyright cleared in their collection.

The results are probably not as good as if you spent a few hours manually organizing frame transitions and synchronizing music, but I think for an automated system it gives a fair level of quality.

Meiji Jingu
Meiji Jingu

The music is by Mysti Mayhem and the song is called Dance.

I would like to spend some time putting together some manual videos as well. With the automated system I could probably show people more of Japan rather than waiting until I have a spare moment to manual edit something.

Let me know what you think of the video? Do you like the format of the pictures. Should I try to include a few small video clips (5 second scenes) inside the video? What sort of music is best? I would like to find some Japanese music that is copyright authorized to be used in videos. Does anyone know any good Sites.

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  • I quite like the slideshow. It’s better than nothing and the music lets you enjoy the slideshow even more. Thank you very much

  • The photos are just great! And yeah, animoto is really good doing slideshows.. They have this motto where “everything is unique” which means when I make a slideshow of the same pictures and music, it won’t be identical to the first one… But sadly, the free version only last for 30 seconds and I have to pay for a longer version ^_^

    • sure. i tried the free version and it was quite good, but 30 seconds was too cheap. i paid or the year subscription at $30. the length is unlimited. I wish the quality was a bit better though. the photos seem a bit blurred. Do you know any other services like this?

      • yah, the pictures are quite blurry since the photos are decoded to fit on the video’s codec too. On the other hand, I haven’t found any similar site like animoto… Also doing photo slideshows using pinnacle studio ^_^

      • standard quality is quite reasonable since some readers don’t have the luxury of having a fast net connection that can buffer HD videos ^_^

  • RT @tweetmeme Japan Photo Videos, Japan Culture http://bit.ly/bDYsYo
    This would be a great addition to your site. Ganbaette ne.
    Her song really fit the mood of your photos, everything was in sync. As far as the second video, she sounded just like a female version of a great Texas music legend, Stevie Ray Vaughn. And a great way to get your foot in the door. the entertainment industry is a very hard nut to crack.
    Adding more things like this would really raise the the readership level of the site to even greater levels. 🙂
    Btw; I watched the u-stream video of your friend raymond, and enjoyed his taste of music, ie: Kenny Rodgers is also on of my favorite singers. Did you know that he is 71 yrs old now? His music would make for some great video background.
    Make sure to tell Raymond when you see him.

    • I will let him now. Thanks. I think he was driving back from Shizuoka today. It takes about 1.5 hours at night, but longer when the traffic builds up during the day, especially Sunday afternoons.