Ochazuke お茶漬け

Chicken and green veges
Chicken and green veges

Ochazuke is a great Japanese meal to have when you are not feeling well. Trying to keep the meals light and health while I get rid of this kidney stone, I decided to walk to Shibuya station and eat at the dashi chazuke restaurant in the Tokyu Food Show (basement floor).

Dashi means soup stock so this form of ochazuke which is normally green tea poured on top of rice, also includes the use of soup stock.

There is plenty of choice on the menu and the side dishes of tofu etc are really fresh and tasty.

good menu choices
good menu choices

The photos here are from the iphone and in the low light it struggled.

It looks like they are quite a few of these stores around including one at Narita Airport T1.

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  • Sounds like a good meal regardless if you are sick.

    Oh and I hope your kidney stone passes quickly (^ _ ^)

  • Is it true that in Japan, offering ochazuke is also a soft gesture from the host telling the guest to go away ?
    Or maybe I’m just reading comic too much ^-^;

    • I was told a long time ago that if you have overstayed your welcome in a Kyoto house you might get offered another cup of green tea (ocha), which could be the sign to go.

      In Tokyo many restaurants will come and fill your glass of water up once you have long since finished your meal but dont seem to be moving.

      This is a good way to remind people to break out of their conversation and think about leaving, without telling them straight out they should go.