New Meiji Chocolate Product “cacao-kome”


Ok, its not electrical and you cant hook it up to your computer via a USB port, but this is definitely a great product just out in Japan. It’s a retake of the chocolate biscuit or cookie. Whereas most biscuits are made of wheat which an increasing number if people are finding they have an allergy to, this new Japanese chocolate biscuit is made from rice. The name cacao-kome is a combination of chocolate and rice.

The biscuits or crackers are very very tasty. They can be bought in white and milk chocolate. I found them at the local convenience store but am sure they are available in supermarkets as well. Be warned, there are only about 12 crackers in the pack and they disappear fast!!

Their release date was 9th December 2008. I have tried to find some information in English on other sites but have not been able to find anything in Google.

If you are living in Japan and like your chocolate give it a go. You wont be sorry.

If you read Japanese here is the link to Meiji Chocolate’s site talking about this product.

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