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Advert for Tokyo Disney Sea at Shibuya Station
Advert for Tokyo Disney Sea at Shibuya Station

Tokyo Disneyland located in Urayasu, Chiba-ken, is extremely popular with Japanese as a tourist attraction. It also has the highest repeat visitor rate of any of the Disney theme parks around the world.

Many Japanese visitors visit the Park a number of times a month, or in some cases, every day!

Yoshida-san's Disney Blog
Yoshida-san's Disney Blog

One of the regular visitors to TDR (Tokyo Disney Resort), which covers Disneyland and the later opened Disney Sea, is Yoshida-san and her family.

They write a blog on Ameba, one of Japan’s popular blogging platforms, and regularly rate as the number 1 blog writers in the Theme Park category, as well as around number 3 in the Travel category.

Yoshida-san’s family visit Tokyo Disney Resort everyday and keep readers informed throughout the day what is happening inside the Park. It is almost like a job for them.

Minnie Mouse makes an appearance at TDR, Notice most of the fans are not children anymore
Minnie Mouse makes an appearance at TDR, Notice most of the fans are not children anymore

The updates are quite detailed including latest goods on sale, sizes of products, pricing, weather reports, length of time required to queue for attractions, parade details, restaurant food and much more.

Regular updates are provided many times during the day from within the park directly by mobile phone, so information is timely.

The MiraCosta Hotel restaurant overlooking Disney Sea, Tokyo
The MiraCosta Hotel restaurant overlooking Disney Sea, Tokyo

Yoshida-san’s Blog at Ameba is just another example of how differently Blogs are maintained by Japanese users who often post via mobile phones rather than desktop computers.

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  • Well today was raining, so not the best, but it was a relief to get some coolish weather before we hit the main summer. It can be very humid in the city during summer, so I think the best weather is around April/May and then maybe Oct. I quite like the weather in Dec/Jan. It always seem fine and sunny, just the air is a little crispy cold. 🙂

  • AH …Disney what I wouldn't give to be able to go back. My wife and I would go at least twice a year. They go everyday? What about kids in school? I tried using Babel Fish to translate their page but no luck,encountered problems translating page.
    But from looking at the pictures I was able to get the jist of what's going on. Really a nice presentation. Wish I could have a job like that and have fun at the same time.:) As far as the weather goes come to Tx and really find out what Hot and Humid is all about. They have a saying…"If you don't like the weather,stick around and it will change in a flash" We're getting just a bit of a cooler weather low to mid ninetys that's a cool front for around here folks lol! We haven't even hit August yet, and it will be "Back in the Heat of Texas"
    Another great article and very colorful photos.xD
    Ja mata ne

    • I am trying to find some good translation tools to auto-translate my page into Japanese, but struggling to get the right quality. Machine translation has improved a lot but still lacking in some basic ways. 🙂

  • Last time I went to Disney Sea around May, it was very windy, but that doesn't seem to stop the huge line-ups everywhere. And I agree unlike other Disney theme parks where it's mostly a family vacation, the Disneylands in Japan seems to be more of a dating spot than a family outing.

  • You know what, I have never been that big a fan of Disney at all. I find it all just a little bit sinister, if I am honest. I'm not surprised by your opening, Shibuya, regarding the amount of time people devote to places like this, especially in Japan.

  • just reading the Disney article – is fees very low to visit the Disney place cos to go here in the US would cost a fortune !! 😛