Miso soup cure for hangovers

Nagatani-en's Shijimi Miso soup
Nagatani-en's Shijimi Miso soup
Nagatani ens Shijimi Miso soup
Nagatani-en (永谷園) have released their first range of “function orientated” miso soups. A number of makers have been selling miso soup products with vitamins included, but Nagatani-en claim they are the first to successfully mix the amino acid ornithine (オルニチン). In food groups, ornithine is most commonly found in Shijimi (シジミ) and so not surprisingly the miso soup made by Nagatani-en has plenty of Shijimi, as well as a dash of negi (ネギ).

The packaging states that each cup contains 70 times the power of shijimi, in the form of ornithine. The miso soup is said to be good for hangovers and the packaging specifically shows a beer glass with the words “For people who like their drink”.

Shijimi has long been known by Japanese to assist the bodies natural recovery process and to aid with hangovers. The website WhatJapanThinks covered this in a survey some time ago:

Whilst not a lot of information is available on Ornithine, Nagatani-en on their own website state the following:


Roughly translated, Ornithine is a type of amino acid, that performs an important function to help maintain the health of our bodies in a number of ways. It is not found in many common foods, but comparitivley has large quantities in shijimi.

Nagatani-en and other makers are expected to release more soup, ramen and other instant food products containing vitamin supplements and other health promoting nutrient supplements. The current product is on sale only at convenience stores.

When convenience stores first started popping up in central Tokyo, there was a lot of research being conducted by companies on how to keep food fresh for longer periods of time. Now some of that research seems to be moving towards how to provide healthier food through supplements and additives.

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