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Mothers Day Japan

Kamogawa River, Kyoto

The weather is great today. Lots of people out taking advantage of the sunny weather on Mothers Day. I changed up my cameras today and took this one with the Sony NEX7. I have had the camera sitting around for about a year now and decided to give it another go after seeing Trey’s review here.

The discolouration in the top left and right of the photo is a bit annoying and something I would not have probably noticed from my Nikon D700, but its nice to use different equipment, and its also nice to know a small camera like the Sony NEX7 can produce good quality works with much less weight. I still prefer looking through the viewfinder of the D700 and knowing the shot is going to be what I expect and more, but sometimes I like to head out without deciding whether I am going to take photos or not, and that’s when it is nice to have a small camera in my pocket which can still deliver a result.

For those of you who don’t know Trey, he produces some very cool HDR and other photos from great places all around the world. His site is definitely worth a look on a daily basis. Trey also has a lot of tutorials explaining how he takes such great photography. If you want to find inspiration and get motivated with your photography then StuckInCustoms is the place.

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