Gachapin campaign for TWR

The TWR Gachapin Campaign
The TWR Gachapin Campaign
The TWR Gachapin Campaign
The TWR Gachapin Campaign

The TWR, Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Line, is celebrating its 500,000,000th passenger, which rates it right up there with Facebook !

Not sure whether Facebook are having similar celebrations, but I bet they didn’t invite Gachapin to their party.

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  • RT @shibuya246: Gachapin campaign for TWR That’s alot of passengers. I wonder what the other trains counts are? and using their own trains to do the advertising saves on cost. What happened to the conbini monday post? I’ve missed out on seeing it. You really must have been busy. I’m still having that problem which I thought was cleared up. Have to use the bck button and refresh to clear it up. with the life size Gundam built and the other one in Kobe, here’s another one to add to the list. a life size Unit 01 Eva From Neon Genesis Evangelion. Well on to other things. Have to get back to the blog, haven’t been updating. Wife has change the location, and using it to promote her web site. Will let you know the location.