Conbini Monday Wk14

calbee yakiniku tasting potato chips
calbee yakiniku tasting potato chips

Calbee make some great potato chips and this weeks to pick is no exception. With the top left hand label mark saying “we introduce new interesting flavors every month”, it looks like we could be seeing some good stuff coming up.

These chips are the flavor of onion, salt and lemon. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you need to think of a good open yakiniku (Korean BBQ) with some choice cuts of meat, finely sliced onions sprinkled on top and then a dash of salt and lemon. That is the taste of these potato chips.

For a bit of variety with the potato chips, you might want to try these 2 flavors by Gachapin and Mukku. They are salty seaweed and pizza flavor.

gachapin and mukkun potato chips
Gachapin and Mukku potato chips

You might remember the last time we checked on Gachapin @ Twitter he had just started tweeting and had already got 8,800 followers. Well he is now over 50,000 and growing fast. Go Gachapin !

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