Conbini Monday – Week 1 (コンビニマンデー)

Plenty of candy stock on hand
Plenty of candy stock on hand
Plenty of candy stock on hand
I have written a number of posts about trips to the convenience store and talked about the regular change over of new products on the shelves providing marketing research for the manufacturers. After a number of requests for more news on what is going on in-store, I have decided to start a regular feature on “What’s going on at the convenience store”. It will cover new products as well as any interesting campaigns and other news from the stores.

I normally visit Lawson or Seven Eleven, but am also known to walk a bit further (an extra 200 meters) and find my local Mini-Stop or Family Mart. There are a few AM-PM’s around as well.

In providing a few more posts about Convenience Stores and their produce I thought it would be good to make a regular post on a Monday. Monday is normally a bit of a grind for those going to work or school and the news of latest treats from the Japanese convenience store might just give you the lift you need.

With that in mind, I decided to call this series Conbini Monday or コンビニマンデー from the word Japanese most commonly use for convenience store. (I almost wrote, “from the Japanese word for convenience store” and then realized that conbini was not originally Japanese)

To kick off the first week of Conbini Monday, Rilakkuma makes an appearance to introduce 2 new ice-cream deserts.

2 new ice-cream deserts from the Rilakkuma brand
2 new ice cream deserts from the Rilakkuma brand

The copy for this one says: A mild pudding taste with caramel sauce inside. The copy sounded better than the actual taste of it.

A caramel pudding ice bar
A caramel pudding ice bar

This ice bar is said to be strawberry pudding with white chocolate. Can you see the part in red at the bottom that says 果汁 (かじゅう) (Kajyu). This tells you the percentage of real fruits that are used in the product. The big 1% on this package probably lets you know that it could have tasted better.

1% real fruit. The healthy bit got left out on this ice bar
1 real fruit The healthy bit got left out on this ice bar

You will probably see the 果汁 kanji on other food packages so look out for it when you are in the supermarket or convenience store.

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