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Spotted this rather expensive Lamborghini in Shibuya today. As it drove past me I could not figure out what the bar code was doing on the side of the car? Is this a popular design thing ?

It would be interesting if all cars had to carry a barcode in addition to number plates. If there was a traffic infringement the police could just scan the car. Maybe parking garages could also scan a barcode to check whether cars should have access to parking or not. It would be an easier way than taking a photo of the numberplate and matching it with software, which is currently used at some Japanese car parks.

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  • I've seen barcodes as tattoos lately. I guess they're going for the new world / terminator style. Never seen one on an expensive car though.

  • This photo reminds me of how I've noticed that most people completely ignore exotic automobiles on the street in Japan (in Kyoto anyway). I guess expensive cars are too common to draw much interest in the wealthier cities.

    Some of the people in the background seem to be looking at this car, but in the foreground, even with that striking contrasting design, definitely not.
    Have you noticed that exotics seem somewhat invisible to people in Tokyo, or is it just a Kyoto thing?

    • Definitely agree with you. This is the 3rd luxury car I saw in the space of about 5 minutes that day, all convertibles, and nobody was paying them any attention. The only reason I noticed this car was because of the bar code. Maybe that is why he did it.

      It seems if people do look at exotic cars they tend to be more checking out the beautiful girl in the passenger seat rather than the car.

  • Came across your blog via this story on JapanSoc. Props on whipping your camera out so quickly. Gonna have a look around and check out your other photography.

  • Yeah as others said, nice job pulling out and still getting a good shot. Thats some wild wild west quick drawing skills you got there. I kinda feel that all those patterns and stripes spoil the car though.. I prefer just all one color, plain and simple.

    • I have to agree with that. A plain car would be my preference, but if he didn't have the bar code on I wouldn't have challenged him to the draw and got his photo.

      I guess now I can say that the Canon G10 Powershot goes from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds!!!