Solar Bear – Odaiba

Why is SoraBear crying?
Why is Solar Bear crying?
Why is Solar Bear crying
The Solar Bear stands outside of the entrance to Mediage at Odaiba (お台場) in Tokyo. It represents the threat of dramatic climate change. The statue has a question attached to it asking “As the ice melts at the North Pole the Sky and the Bear shed tears. What is the cause of this?”, with possible answers of “1. acid rain”, “2. global warming”, “3. deforestation”. You get to press the button to give your answer.

You can see that on this day the temperature was a mild 11 degrees. Not too cold.

Here is the official website for Solar Bear (そらべあ)

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  • I love your solar bears – your info on this site is fantastic – I really feel we are getting an insight into your community environment in Shibuya – keep blogging