n.e.o Premium Ginger Ale

n.e.o Premium Ginger Ale

img_0156-1Here is an article that really caught my attention when I was reading the latest copy of TRENDY (Jan 2009 edition). TRENDY is a magazine by Nikkei BP that highlights the latest trends in food, electronics and other areas of Japan life. Given the number of new products that come out in Japan it is no wonder the magazine carries over 250 pages and makes great reading each month. It never fails to disappoint.

img_0155-1The article that got my interest is a new brand of Ginger Ale. Living in Japan everyone is probably familiar with seeing Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the convenience stores and supermarkets, but when you want to find a really good original unique tasting Ginger Ale there never seems to be any choice. While here is a Ginger Ale that looks fantastic. The maker says the following about its new product: (translated and paraphrased)

“With Premium Ginger Ale n.e.o (neo) we wanted to make a drink in the spirit of a cocktail that would be popular with bartenders as well as customers.  Because the majority of ginger ales presently sold add flavorings to get the ginger taste, the natural ginger taste is not able to be enjoyed by customers. In making this product we wanted to use the true ginger taste and embody the true sense of this drink as a cocktail that can be enjoyed at a bar made by a professional bartender. In keeping with this theme, we paid special attention to the design of the bottle, the size of the serving portion, the fragrance and materials used.  Enjoy your Ginger Ale as a cocktail.”
This Ginger Ale drink is being sold at bars, hotels and some departments stores in Japan. Here is a link for buying the product online.


Also popular in Japan is the Wilkinson brand of Ginger Ale


and just released is Suntory’s Blue Ginger Ale


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