Praying at the Moe Temple, Tokyo

Moe Temple

Praying at the Moe Temple, Tokyo
Praying at the Moe Temple Tokyo

Moe has been used to advertise many products in Japan. It is said to have created economic value of over YEN 90,000,000 (about $100 million$1 billion) for the economy.

Now a novel idea that is not so commercially driven has surfaced, the Moe Temple at Ryouhouji Temple, Hachioji, Tokyo.

More Information
You can find the Ryohhouji Temple at (了法寺)
Hiyoshi-machi 2-1
Hachioji, Tokyo

It takes aboout 7 minutes walk from Nishi-Hachioji Station on the Chuo Line.

Source: info and photo from ITmedia

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