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Seto Ohashi Bridge

I traveled to Shikoku recently, catching the Shinkansen to Okayama and then the train to Takamatsu, crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge. This is a stunning set of...


Okayama Station

I took a few snap shots around Okayama Station when I was visiting recently. Looking back on them, I wish I had taken more. The weather was really nice and the...


Okayama, Korakuen

Okayama's Korakuen has been in existence since the Edo Period and has entertained many important guests through the years. It is considered one of the three...


Izumo Soba

When visiting Izumo Taisha I tried the well known Izumo Soba. It was a little dry but otherwise quite tasty.


Konan in Miyajima

Konan, the detective was out in Okayama and Miyajima, when I visited, welcoming people and inviting them to tour the area.
Are you a Konan fan?