New iPad3? Get a Kimono iPad Case

Kimono iPad Case
Wonderful colors in rich kimono material for your iPad

I visited Kyoto recently and dropped in on Kyokaori Company where they have been very creative and turned some kimono obi’s into brilliantly colorful and unique iPad Cases. Imagine turning up to a meeting with your iPad dressed in a kimono. You would be sure to attract a lot of attention.

Whilst there are plenty of reds, I really liked the contrast of the black coming through.
One of the more subtle patterns

This photo was from an article carried in the Japan Times a few weeks ago, which discussed the concept and also shows a photo of Tomita-san, from Kyokaori Co.

Japan Times article about Kimono iPad Case
So many great designs mixed in with rich colors. How do you choose?

The stock for these iPad cases is currently limited as the material is made from the Obi of Maiko, apprentice geisha. As you might guess the patterns for males are almost sold out since the Obi of Maiko are worn by females. Most of the patterns for the cases are typical classical Japanese such as Chrysanthemum (菊)、bamboo (たけ)、cherry blossom (さくら) and butterflies (蝶), which are all worn by females.

This black based pattern looks good too
Bright reds for the girls maybe
What do you think of the green and lavendar colors on the right with a background of black?

These are premium products for those who want to dress their iPad up. Prices start at just under 10,000 Yen (roughly US$85), and go up to around 20,000 Yen (roughly US$170) for some of the more expensive kimono material. The cloth is very durable and strong. Apart from just having a good looking and unusual iPad case, you will also have a part of Japanese traditional culture which has a unique history of its own passed down from the Maiko wearer of the Kimono prior to it becoming an iPad case. Unique indeed.

Shipping overseas can be arranged for whatever the extra is for postage to your area.

One of the great display Kimonos I was taking a closer look at. This would be wonderful to wear to a formal occasion !!
Taking a look at some more display Kimonos
The Kyokaori Office in Kyoto

Further Information
If you are interested I will be helping Kyokaori Co. to promote the cases and help spread the word about great Japanese innovation in the textile industry, particularly from Kyoto. They have some great ideas in addition to the Kimono iPad Case and are a source for blending traditional Japan with the modern world.

Sizes of cases are available to fit various the various iPad models. Cases for iPad3 will be organized very shortly.

You can drop me a line at if you want more information or leave a comment on this post.

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