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The recent holiday for Coming of Age Day in Japan revived my love and interest in the kimono. The girls and boys were seen in full kimono attire in shopping centres, restaurants and hotel lobbies all day. It was a lot of fun to compare the variety of kimonos visible. I suppose a lot were rented but some would have been purchased. Perhaps some were even handed down as family heirlooms from one generation to the next. I know that is what we have done in our family.

As usual, after watching the many types of kimono on display for Seijin no Hi, I wondered what kind of kimono might be available on Amazon Japan. And of course, there are lots of kimono – surprise, surprise.

I have made my top ten list. What are your thoughts? I have chosen them on style, price and design.

Number one!!! I am playing it safe by selecting a traditional black kimono with gold and red patterns and gorgeous embroidered cranes symbolising long life.

Number Two. A choice for the man! I rather liked this one. Your thoughts? What colour kimono do you prefer?

Number Three. I like this kimono design for the serenity. The price on this one was also quite reasonable.

Number four. The above selection is perhaps too mature for some …. ie. the younger girls on Coming of Age Day were dressed in these kind of kimono. Hade!!
But lovely.

Number five. I selected this kimono for the wonderful detail on the back. Do you like this kind of design?

Number Six. This one is top of the league in Amazon Kimono expense range. But it is lovely to look at and I am sure feels great to touch as well. It looks very theatrical and perhaps the white background does not do the photo justice. But it is a winner in my book!

Number Seven. From classic white kimono to a crazy matsuri kimono style of choice. What are your thoughts on this design?

I would not have thought have looking for kimono on Amazon. It just reminds me how the Amazon marketplace has become a distribution outlet extraordinaire that many retailers have turned to in times of recession in Japan. I wonder how successful selling on Amazon is for many Japanese business men and women?

It is certainly interesting to find so much Japanese culture produce and goods on Amazon Japan. It is a shame that orders can only be filled domestically most of the time.

Despite that, number eight choice of kimono is as follows.

I wore I kimono similar to this design not so long ago. Very nice. Felt bright and happy!

Number nine. I really liked this

Would you wear this? I love the flower on the sleeve.

Number ten! Kimono selection from Amazon is not truely kimono but rather a ninja outfit which is fabulous! ( Taking the direct translation of things to wear … I am going to make ninja kimono? the 10th top item on Kimono, Amazon)

Would you dress up as ninja? I think I would! It is a wonderful idea for a fancy dress!

Do you love Japanese dress?

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