Tokyo Midtown Illuminations

The Christmas Illuminations have been up for a while at Tokyo Midtown. Each place lit up for Christmas in Tokyo seems to have a different feel to it at night. The main color for Tokyo Midtown felt like it was blue.
A sea of blue lights for the Tokyo Midtown Christmas Illumination
The Christmas tree turns a purpley blue color.
It is hard to describe what these blue lights looked like in real life. This photo makes them look almost like a field of glow worms.
A mobile phone snaps the white Christmas tree.
Taking photos of the illuminations is a great date course for couples at Midtown.
The main colors of these illuminations were blue and white. I think the white by itself looked a little bit too cold.
The trees decorating the roadway at Tokyo Midtown.
The blue LED lights of the trees.
This couple were out enjoying the illuminations, taking photos, like many others.
Tokyo Tower peeking through the view of the LED trees.
There were plenty of mobile phones out getting closeup shots of the lights.
Tokyo Tower gets blurred out as we take a closeup of the LED light on this tree.
some nice photos being captured here on a compact digital camera.
The blue lights at ground level made the scenery appear like the ocean.
Down close, the blue lights look bigger looking back at the trees.
Down close, the blue lights look bigger looking back at the trees.

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