Aoyama Autumn

A couple of weeks ago I took a walk along the road leading up to Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Meiji Jingu Gaien. It is 300 metres long and lined with Ginkgo trees and they turn a wonderfully bright yellow color at this time of year. Take a walk with me from Aoyama-itchome to go see the trees.
The yellow ginkgo leaves made for a great scene as you walk down the main street.
I traveled by subway to Aoyama Itchome station and then walked down to towards Gaienmae to the Icho Namiki Dori, or Ginkgo Tree Avenue.
There were some cool shops to see on the way down there. Japanese sweets on offer here.
Definitely worth dropping in to a San Maruku Cafe and trying their famous Choco Cro, chocolate croissant. When they have just come out of the oven they are delicious.
CoCo's curry house always good for a quick bite to eat.
Walking past the Sony Computer Entertainment building
This "pencil" building エンピツビル next to the Sony one looks very small.
There are a number of good restaurants and cafes on the Icho Namiki Dori. Selan in particular is well known.
The trees form a great symmetry lining the street. Whether you are walking down or driving the imagery is fantastic.
Royal Garden Cafe is a popular spot for lunch and afternoon tea.
Another look at the Royal Garden Cafe with people on the front deck enjoying their tea.
The Ginkgo Tree Avenue heading down to the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.
The trees change in size moving down the street to give the Gallery building at the Gaien end extra emphasis.
SELAN, a favorite place to drop in for afternoon tea.
Plenty of people out enjoying the day. Many with cameras taking pictures of the trees and surroundings.
Ginkgo trees close up.
This road was actually the first asphalt road in Japan when made in 1926, at the same time as the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.
The leaves falling on the ground help to make the whole area turn yellow. It is a great atmosphere.
Although this area is more concrete than grass, the charm of walking down a tree laden path is unmistakable. A very nice day out.
Despite being a little bit cold, everyone was enjoying themselves under the yellow canopy.
A few security guys rode their bike down the path, but it was actually quite slippery under foot.
The news had been featuring this area for a few days, so lots of people had turned out to take a look at it first hand.
No takers for sitting on this bench. Reminded me of a cold English day.
Even the taxi drivers pulled over to get a look at the trees.
Maybe you can just see the driver behind the cab taking out his mobile phone and snapping a picture?
The police were out making sure the roads didn't get clogged with cars stopping to see the scenery.
Down the other side of the road, the trees had a bit more of a green color to them on one side.
There were many different shades of yellow mixed in with some greenery.
A few stalls for eating and drinking had been set up for the crowds.
Many people were out for the day just enjoying their walk.
The pavement formed a carpet of yellow leaves.
So many leaves fallen to the ground waiting to be raked up.
At times, it almost seemed like a scene from Paris.

What is your favorite place to go and see the changing of seasons in Autumn?

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