Night View Cars

Capturing a few cars and lights at night
Capturing a few cars and lights at night
Capturing a few cars and lights at night

I took a test photo with my camera to see what could be achieved before heading down to the highway and catching some better scenery. Now that it the air is colder at night, the street lights seem to shine brighter and images are clear. This is one of the photos I took.

I will head down to the highway in the next few days and capture some images.

Are you a fan of night photography?

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  • My camera isn’t very good for night photographs (Lumix Fz-8).
    But it does a good job otherwise.

    The colors in this picture are really alive, no artifacts or anything.
    That’s amazing.

  • That’s a nice picture
    it looks really lively though only a few cars is on the street
    did u take it in slow shutter?

  • I like taking Photos at night but My Camera isn’t that good at night shots .

    Tokyo is Magically during night time and would like taking photos of the place.

  • Your D700 is best for it’s high-iso to low-noise ratio.
    Anything that requires a slow enough shutter to need a tripod or otherwise stable surface as these kinda shots can be done on anything really; so it’s not that good of a test.
    Want a good test for your D700 ? Shoot a concert without flash 🙂

    Having said that; i love night photography.
    I was just taking pictures around the UDX building in Akiba of all the pretty xmas lights they have, untill after 15 minutes a guard comes and stops me from doing it.
    For no apparant reaosn, i explained to him; and shown him that I was only taking creative pictuers of the lighting and that no human is on any picture; but he still refused me to take any more.

    *sigh* Now that’s ; something i don’t get coming from people that are well known for taking many pictures themselves when abroad.

    The shots from UDX did turn out nice I think, i needto conver the raws to JPEG before posting them.

    • Thanks. It was more of a test for me than the camera. I wasnt sure what settings i needed to capture the movement scenes. I did take photos of an inside concert when I first got the camera but havent taken anything like it since.

      Sounds strange that a guard would stop you taking pictures of the building. Pity that he stopped you taking the photos. Hope the ones you have got turned out how you wanted them 🙂

  • RT @Shibuya246: Night View Cars, Japan Roads | Shibuya246
    Kinda hard to comment on this type of article, cause I don’t have a camera that works. Night time photos are always great to see when the cars go past, and see the lights trail off in the distance. I look forward to seeing more of your night time photos. 🙂