Kidney Stone 3

Front of the stone

I am glad to say this is the last part in the Kidney Stone series. Having been back to the hospital for more tests on Monday including an IVP, where they inject dye into your arm to get a better x-ray picture, tonight the stone is out of the body and on the loose.

Actually it is not so far on the loose. It is now in a plastic bag ready to be sent to the laboratory to find out what type of stone it is.

and here it is ….

Front of the stone
Front of the stone
back of the stone
back of the stone

Well, I am glad that it is out now and didn’t need an operation.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted and commented to me during the painful days. I really appreciated hearing from you all.

I will be checking with the Doctor what I need to do to avoid getting one these things again.

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