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First Class Capsule Hotel

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Many people who have been to Japan have heard about the capsule hotels where you have barely enough room to crawl into your space for a nights rest. The capsule hotel became popular during the bubble years when land was at a premium and quick easy accommodation was required for businessmen who were staying late at work.

Photo from Trendy Magazine
Photo from Trendy Magazine
Photo from Trendy Magazine
Photo from Trendy Magazine

Times have changed and capsule hotels are on the move. A company called “First Cabin” has just opened its first capsule hotel under the brand First Cabin (10 April 2009 in Osaka Minami).

According to their webpage at http://first-cabin.jp, the concept is:

  • First Cabin is a new “cabin-style” membership hotel in the image of a first-class airplane.
  • First cabin is available at low rates like a capsule hotel, lower than business hotel’s rates.
  • Stylish and functional rooms (Cabins).
  • We offer similar facilities to member’s lounge at an airport or on first-class airplane cabins.
  • First cabin is available all day, every day.
  • Separate Cabins for men and women
  • Speedy mobile phone payment system, cashless system available.

Both a Japanese and English language website is available.

First Cabin website
First Cabin website

The overnight stay rate is set at Yen 4,800 for the first class cabin and YEN 3,800 for the business class version, with a 1 hour stay starting from YEN 800.

Television sets are said to be 32″ displays with full internet LAN capabilities. Separate lounge, counter check-in and shower facilities are available. Members can make reservations by mobile phone applications and once checked in open the key to their cabin with their mobile phone after having downloaded the application from within the hotel.

Having opened their first location in Osaka the company is looking to expand and is seeking investors.


  1. Nick Ramsay says

    Very nice. I'm a big fan of capsule hotels, but this one is on a whole new level.

  2. Deas says

    I'd totally stay there. Very flash. *For a capsule hotel, that is. What's next, boutique capsule hotels? Ha ha.

  3. Shibuya246 says

    It looks good doesn't it? Maybe your right and couple capsules are next.

  4. Shibuya246 says

    Thanks Nick. I might have to go try this out some time myself. Looks a lot better than the older style capsules.

  5. Jamaipanese says

    I think I need to add "Stay at a Capsule Hotel" to the list of things to do when I visit Japan.

    1. Shibuya246 says

      I always worried the capsules would be too claustrophobic, but these ones look pretty good. Worth a visit.

  6. Gweb says

    Wow! This looks so futuristic. Especially with the mobile cell phone "key", Completely new to me. I want to stay in one of these one day. I'm a big fan of hotels.

  7. Shibuya246 says

    They certainly have done a good job of reworking the capsule concept with style haven't they? I'm waiting for someone to try it out in Osaka and let us know here how they went. Any takers ?

  8. Jamie says

    Fairly decent price, but no double cabins? What the hell? I guess they dont want it to turn into a cheap love hotel kind of thing?

    1. Shibuya246 says

      No love capsules yet but that could be next!

  9. heavens_feel (heavens_feel) says

    http://tinyurl.com/da8gmz <-- will definitely give this a try later on ...

  10. darenothope says

    They look kinda nice.

    1. shibuya246 says

      Thanks for dropping by. Those capsules look ok don’t they. When you are in the area might be worth checking out.

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