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Maneki Neko

You will often see many stores have a Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) outside or near the entrance way. This is supposed to help attract customers to the store and...


Ginza Cats

On the weekends you can walk down the main street in the Ginza without any traffic. These cats took advantage of the quiet roads to get some time out on top of...


Roppongi Street Cats

Small cats and dogs are popular pets in Japan because they are easier to accommodate in small apartments. Often you will see some cats that live in parks and...


Japan Aflac Merry Xmas

For this product, they are taking the normal Japanese maneki-neko and converting it into a maneki-neko duck. The ad below shows a cat teaching the duck how to...


Nozoki cats?

Looks like these cats in Kyoto are trying to get a peek inside the store. I wonder what they can see?