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Akihabara, originally called Akiba no hara, and now often simply called Akiba. A shopping district that seems to reinvent itself at least once a decade, it is now known less for its electronic goods and more for its anime and otaku stores.


CGM Night, Akihabara

CGM Night was on last night at the Akiba:F Blood Bank. The CGM, Consumer Generated Marketing, events organized by Danny Choo are always a great place for...


Akihabara Shopping

I was in Akihabara the other day to pick up a few items and took some quick shots on the street. It was a week day so there was not that many people out. It...


OTACOOL in Akiba

Danny Choo has been working with Kotobukiya to publish a book called OTACOOL. It shows some of the coolest rooms of otaku from around the world. This...


DannyChoo x Shibuya246

Many of you probably already know the DannyChoo.com brand and have enjoyed reading about Japan life along with Figure reviews and dancing Stormtrooper video...