Parco Can Campaign

Parco CANpaign
Parco CANpaign

I have been busy working on the Site today and have almost finished the code so that you get leave comment annotations directly on the images. I first saw this on flickr, but didn’t see many people using it and so after installing the script once then didn’t continue with it.

Recently, I saw Danny making excellent use of it on his Site,, and on closer inspection so that he and Chris had further integrated the script into the Site to make it easier to find peoples comments and reply to them.

Here is a look at Danny’s write up on how he adapted the original jquery code.

Seeing the number of people who enjoyed leaving comments directly on the photos at I thought it was worth another installation. I am going to modify the code a bit more over the next few days and have to work on a problem with cookies on the site which keeps logging me out. As a test run, today’s article should allow you leave comments on the second photo only. Trying to fix the problem with comments on the others tonight.

I will work further on the code for this and integrate it fully with the Site soon. I will also try and fix the cookie problem so people don’t keep getting logged out.


Parco Department store had a campaign on recently for its 40th year Anniversary. They called it a CANpaign CANペーン, nice play on words.

The campaign ran in the week upto Christmas and gave you the chance to win some cool merchandise in a can.

If you hover over the image a button will come up in the bottom right hand corner under the photo. By clicking this you can leave a comment on the Site, but pin it to the photo. If your comment gets eaten let me know in the comments below and I will try to fix things.

Parco's CANpaign being advertised at Shibuya Station.
Parco's CANpaign being advertised at Shibuya Station.
Some cute items in these cans.
Some cute items in these cans.

When I was in Shibuya I saw an advert for this fantastic TV that can record 8 channels all at the same time and comes with a 3TB hard disk. That is more than most people are sporting on their desktop computers these days.

This TV by Toshiba has about 7 tuners in it so you can record multiple channels all at once and then search for programs later.
This TV by Toshiba has about 7 tuners in it so you can record multiple channels all at once and then search for programs later.

Here is what Toshiba say about the TV:

Support for multiple recording and playback functions with a 3TB hard disk

CELL REGZA has a 3-terabyte (TB) hard disk drive, 2TB of which is dedicated to the “time-shift machine,” which records user-specified programs. This immense capacity can simultaneously record up to eight terrestrial digital channels for as long as 26 hours. Sifting through that contents—and more—is easily accomplished with “Roaming Navigator,” which searches for and delivers thumbnails and data on archived, on-the-air, and to-be-aired programs.

I have found Toshiba to be quite innovative on hooking up their TV products to the internet. They were one of the first companies to let you access the hard disk on the TV directly through your home WAN. They seem to be more at the cutting edge than SONY which appears to be falling behind.

Would you like to get your hands on a TV like this? How do you feel about the SONY brand at the moment? Can it make a comeback?

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