Station Concert

Shinkiba Station Concert
Shinkiba Station Concert
Shinkiba Station Concert

Passing through Shinkiba station (新木場) I saw this classical music concert inside the station building. What a great idea. If you cant get the people to come to the music, bring the music to where the people are.


I recorded a small clip from one of their pieces.

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  • You're right, this is a fantastic idea. I've seen this in the metro stations in Paris too and there's always a massive throng of people stood around. Nice piece too, can't place it though; anybody know what they're actually playing?

    • I had not noticed that before. It looks they have built that part of the station specifically for these types of events.

      Those wooden panels seem like they might help to resonate the sound, don't they?

      Well spotted.

  • yeah it really looks like that the wood is there to resonate the sound. I think it is a brilliant idea.