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I have been away for the last 5 days and have some photos to catch up shortly. Can you guess where I have been?


Japan Travels

I have been traveling locally in Japan recently, in Nagoya, Kobe, Okayama and Hiroshima, basically following the line of the Shinkansen. There are lots of...


Sakura Bento Lunch

April 1st every year is the start of a new financial year for most Japanese companies. Newly hired employees normally start work on this day, and you can see...


Food in Japan

There are so many great foods in Japan to choose from. At close proximity you can find French, Italian, Spanish, US, Chinese, Indian and many more. Here is a...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk42

I took a few photos of the Yokote convenience store on my recent visit to Akita-ken. The photos in the store I had on my iPhone and have shown some here. The...


Yokote Yakisoba

On my recent trip to Yokote I tried the local delicacy of Yokote Yakisoba. It is yakisoba with an egg on the top. Tasty ^_^. I have lots more photos of the...


Japan Snow Train

Just got back from my one night trip to Yokote where they were holding the annual Kamakura and Bonden festival. The weather was sunny and warm, although this...


One Piece Characters

Following up on yesterday’s Conbini Monday article which showed a number of One Piece, I went back for a more detailed look at the campaign and to find...


Japan for Kids

Excellent guidebook for those with children in Japan.
Have you taken a look at this?

Lots of great ideas for trips to Japan.


Japan Park Dance

I came across their dance scene in Yoyogi Park when out for a walk on New Years Day. It looked like they were making some sort of cosplay dance movie or maybe...


Mt Fuji Golf

I went on a trip to Mt Fuji to play golf with friends. The weather was perfect and the views of Mt Fuji from the course, amazing. I spent more time snapping...


Brutus Magazine

I have introduced some articles from Brutus Magazine before, but wanted to take a special look at this the current edition out. The edition selling from Aug...


Tokyo Figure Show

For those who haven’t heard yet, the Tokyo Figure Show will be held from the Here is what Danny from Dannychoo.com has to say about this exciting show:...


Adidas Futsal Shibuya

The adidas Futsal Park in Shibuya has been in place for a few years now. I was asked by a reader to show some photos so here they are. The Futsal Park is...


Chiba Monorail

I visited a friend in Chiba and got the chance to ride the Chiba monorail recently. There are a few monorails in Japan, some that run above the tracks and some...


J-League Soccer

Soccer became popular in Japan following the creation of the professional J-League and then the hosting of the Soccer World Cup in 2002. I was invited to a...



A warm sunny day in Kyoto made a great backdrop to these photos which include some Temples, Kimono, Yukata, and the general peaceful nature of Kyoto. A great...


Japanese Twitter Users

Social Networking in Japan Whilst there are many popular social networking sites in Japan, including Mixi, GREE, Ameba, Livedoor and more, one site from...


CGM Night 5

CGM Night 5 was held recently at the KDDI web communications head office in Tokyo. It was my first time to attend and thanks to Danny Choo and Andrew...


Shibuya Videos

Three really nice videos here of the Shibuya area from eleven23 Shibuya In May from eleven23 on Vimeo. Shibuya May 23 2009 from eleven23 on Vimeo. Shibuya...