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Mt Fuji, Boys Day
Rilakkuma Breakfast
My nephew the Ninja
With Ryo Ishikawa cutout at Koga Links
Playing golf at Mt Fuji
In Shibuya Center gai

Route 246, Aoyama dori

Scramble Crossing outside Shibuya Station

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The photos and articles from Shibuya246 have been featured on a number of well known Sites, including:

  • Yahoo Sports – Golfing at Mt Fuji
  • BoingBoing – Gundam Wedding and Battle Underwear
  • CNNGO – Gundam Wedding
  • Yahoo Star Wars – Maid Cafes in Akiba with Danny Choo
  • Flickr Daily Blog – Gundam at Odaiba
  • Dannychoo.com – Akiba with Danny Choo
  • Aujourd’hui (France) – le prix des cigarettes au Japon

Yahoo Star Wars

Devil Ball Golf – Yahoo Sports


Flickr Blog – Daily Edition (Chinese)

I am grateful for all of these sites and the many other blogs / news sites that have picked up articles written here on shibuya246 and helped to share with them with others.

Recently, through the use of social networking sites like Twitter, Friendfeed, Reddit (Japan), JapanSoc and Facebook sharing links to interesting sites has become much easier and quicker. It is great to see the number of people who take the time to click on a link and view the content. Thank you all.

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Conbini Monday

Shibuya Streets

Japan Photo Articles
Camera Equipment

A lot of the blog posts I write have photos which I have taken in Japan. I started out the blog using a Canon G10 Powershot camera and changed up to a Nikon D700 recently. I have tried out a few lenses and seem to be turning into a lens collector at the moment.

I also use an iPhone for a number of quick snap shots.

You will probably see a mixture of different types of photos on the site ranging from the iPhone point, shoot and hope up to the D700. Sometimes the iPhone can really surprise me with a great shot, but normally the Nikon will win out.

Nikon Camera and lenses, Sigma 50mm f1.4, Nikkor 60mm f2.8, Nikkor 24-120mm, Nikkor 70-300m f4.5

Use of Photos on Shibuya246 site
You are welcome to reblog and use any of the photos on the Shibuya246 site or from my flickr account. All I ask is that you place a link on or near the photo so that readers can find a way back the original. If you want to remove the “© shibuya246.com” notice on the photos, please ask me first.

I am happy for photos to be reproduced in print media. If you contact me by mail I can provide higher resolution images. Most images I take are over 4,000 pixels. Images on the site are normally shown at 960px or less. A number of images can also be licensed from Getty Images.

Meiji Jingu

Tokyo Tower on a Honda

Moe fashion in Harajuku

I am available for guest blogging, photo requests or consulting on Social Networking, Consumer Generated Marketing and web programming. I have been working with a number of different Sites including

  • dannychoo.com (Tokyo Live Blogging team)
  • Tokyo2016Today.com site to help promote Tokyo’s Bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Flutterscape.com
  • JapanProbe.com
  • GaijinPot.com

Business Rule

Take a look 5-10 years into the future and work out what things are going to be like. Then plan to get there now.

Many people viewed my pictures of Gundam and the wedding. Thank you.

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Hachiko, Shibuya

Cosplay in Harajuku

Pokemon Shinkansen

What’s Next?
I hope this gives you a taste and quick overview of shibuya246.com. I will be continuing to take pictures of everyday life in Japan, particularly in the Shibuya, Tokyo area. When I travel I will definitely take cameras with me as well.

The Conbini Monday series has proven very popular and I am exploring some ideas on how to build on this further.

I hope you continue to be a reader of shibuya246 and consider joining as a member as well. As a member you can leave comments, create your own profile and register your Japan related blog for listing on BlogLinkJapan.com

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please use the form below or email me on blog @ shibuya246.com