In the Garden

This is not my garden of course, but there are some nice flowers around as I took a look at one of the university gardens study areas.

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  • PhotM – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – I live in Calgary, Alberta. I was born in St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (the next province to the East). I also lived in Brampton, Ontario, in Peel County, which is on the North West corner of Toronto Metropolis and straight North of Mississaugua Metropolis (which is the immediately across the road sister metropolis to its west). The office I worked in, was part of a huge plant in Bramalea then a separate town, now part of Brampton. Brampton and T.O. is over 2000 miles east of Calgary. I got married in the late '70s and divorced in the late '80s. Since then I have lost track of now two adult children. Once is enough, therefore I am only interested in Networking. May health circumstances throughly has shred my life over 28 years.
    Crysta T Lacey

    Hi Allan,

    Good to hear from you again. Seems like Japan is still treating you well. I saved a copy of your pics for my Entertainment Center NUC Slideshow.

    Greeting again from Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

    Best Regards,


  • peterjohn1011 – Singapore – Designer and Small Business owner

    Loved it. Colourful nature. Make our heart lighter..

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