Jidai Matsuri

The Jidai Matsuri event is taking place again right now in Kyoto. The weather seems to have dipped a bit and is providing some rain today. Not too bad but a lot of umbrellas were on show.

Don’t get that cloth wet
Kyoto colors
Nice day out for a ride in the city
Lots of various people participating
On parade
Keeping the horses under control

Always nice to see these festivals and events from a long time ago still survive and have meaning in todays modern world.

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  • hausonhandy – Real estate professional and article expert

    curious to learn on the history behind this event, any interesting stroy behind. please advise!!

  • parcclematis2019 – Singapore – Blogger
    Parc Clematis

    Such an ideal traditional place. Customs and Rituals here are amazing.

  • vinay

    A must visit place for every tourists around the globe.