Ropeway, Cable car on Mount Hiei

Following on from the earlier post, I wanted to show a few shots of the ropeway car that took me to the top of Mount Hiei. It was a smooth ride from the center of Kyoto, first on the Keihan railway to Demachiyanagi station and then on a local line, Eizan railway, to the foot of the mountain, then on a cable car ride which was very comfortable as it progressed up steep inclines, lastly I took the ropeway to the top.

The shots here are a mixture of both the ropeway and cable car. The storyline might be a big back to front as when I was putting it together it started off with 1 photo and gradually I kept adding to it. I have lots more photos from this short 3 hour trip, but this set provides some of the highlights.

Cable car at Mount Hiei
Coming down on the cable car
Driving down in the cable car
Passing another car on the ropeway
Another car approaches
Waiting for the ride down
I feel like the doorway is sort of smiling at me here as we look at the colorful rear entrance to the Mount Hiei ropeway
Once you get to the top it is like being in a different world
Beautiful mountain ranges at sunset
Can you faintly make out the Kamogawa and in the distance Kyoto Tower?
The Lake Biwa side
The sun setting on Kyoto
Can you find me here?
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