Funaya Hotel, Matsuyama, Shikoku

When I traveled to Shikoku and visited Dogo Onsen, I had the chance to stay at Funaya Hotel in Matsuyama. It is where the Emperor and Crown Prince have stayed when they visited also. The hotel was a nice mixture of old and new architecture.

Dogo Onsen was about 10 minutes walk away and as I went out dressed in yukata to head towards the baths, I was given a small carry basket (bucket?) with a towel in it. The tag on the basket says “funaya” ふなや for Funaya Hotel. Some others in the street also had this baskets with their own hotel names on it.

Funaya Hotel basket
The main entrance to the hotel
Getting ready for the evening session at the first floor restaurant
Very nice traditional lobby area and gift shop beyond that
The architecture was a mix of old and modern, with some beautiful greenery surrounding the hotel
The crossover between old and new buildings
Cute little display
A chance to buy some local produce タルト
Coffee shop area overlooking the gardens
A little bit of rain starting to fall
The special exhibition space, showing some of the history of the hotel
Pictures of the Prince making a visit
The Emperor and Prince in the photos here on the wall from a previous visit
Interesting architecture on these arches, very nicely done.
Old style telephone box

You can see the Dogo Onsen photos here.

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