Takamatsu, Shikoku

Coming out of the station at Takamatsu, there is a new plaza (Hiroba) that has been built. It has a real European feel to it
The JR Takamatsu Station
One of the great many arcades
The light and breezy shopping arcades are a great feature of Takamatsu
The greenery of Ritsurin Park and the wide open roads of Takamatsu
One of the main buildings inside Ritsurin Park
Inside the Park

I will write another post with more pictures from inside the park.

Some of the local produce
Fish art in one of the buildings
European influence here with some nice cakes
Seafood of course is very popular being right on the Setonaikai
A very warm welcome
Chicken with bones
The arcades are not as busy at night, but there are still plenty of people around
Cutlet curry rice burger
PR for the Setouchi Art Festival
Looking back down an arcade
The Eldorado. I heard a few foreigners hang out here to meet up and talk
Heading down one of the side streets
Very warm and inviting
The taxis look the same in many places in Japan
Takamatsu is well known for its good udon
Tokaiya restaurant
Arcade entrance at night

I ate some of the best food I have had whilst in Japan right here in Takamatsu. Some of the dishes can be found in this related post.

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  • zoomingjapan – Japan – I'm a German living in Japan. I love traveling and taking photos of my journeys and sharing them with others.

    I really liked Takamatsu when I visited last spring.
    Your photos are really awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. Much appreciate you taking a look