Snow in Tokyo

We had snow in Tokyo tonight. Normally we get a bit of snow between January and March, but it doesn’t normally settle so easily. I expect by the morning this snow will also have melted away and things should be back to normal. It was not so cold out, so I took a quick walk out to see what everyone was up to.

Clean white snow
Checking the train times or just checking in?
Carefully treading down this road trying not to slip
Shibuya traffic
The crossing looks almost empty compared to normal
Waiting at the crossing in Shibuya
Hachiko looks cold standing out here in the snow
QFront lit up against the snow
Keeping the trains running
Most train lines were able to keep running smoothly
Ebisu Station
Waiting in the cold for the lights to cross
Catching a taxi sounds like a good option
The snow is starting to settle quite a bit now
I would not look forward to riding this bike home in the snow
On the way home
Not that cold outside, but the snow has been confirmed ^^
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