Shibuya Streets Vol 13


It has been a while since we had a Shibuya Streets series. I took a quick walk on the weekend with camera in hand. Things always seem to be the same in Shibuya and yet things are always changing. It is great to see so many people out enjoying themselves. Shibuya is alive !

Tintin, or is it Tantan, on the top of 109
The renamed, Center-gai, now Basketball street or something that makes no sense except to the sponsors, puts up a bit of gold for Christmas
This is bright. 3 Coins. All 315 Yen. nice price, but that green is tough on the eyes
Burger King is back in Centergai. I think I did a post on this the year before last.
Hawaiian BBQ in Shibuya
Heading up to Tokyu Hands for nothing in particular
Christmas grotto in front of Parco
Busy streets in Centergai. No basketballs in sight
Parco department store, Shibuya
Nice decorations
Uniqlo hidden just off the main street from Koen dori at the top of Spain zaka
Shoppers everywhere
Francfranc Shibuya, ready for Xmas
Time to get your face drawn?
Plenty of cheap places to eat around here
More Francfranc. I am working with Francfranc to help their overseas store promotions at the moment
This site used to be a bakery which had been there for a long time.
Heading back to the station
Hoppy rolls by with ads and more ads on the station building - Galaxy tablets
Opposite side of the station over towards the 246 road
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  • perdomot

    Love Standing Sushi.

  • rpsproject

    This iconic Shibuya Crossing is on most visitors “things to do in Tokyo” itinerary because it is one of the busiest intersections in the world. It is fun to watch and participate in the organized chaos that ensues when hundreds of people walk across the intersections at once. For a different perspective, watch the crossing from the 2nd-story window of the Starbucks on the North side