Sakura and HDR

A while ago I showed a few HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos on the site which I had taken with my Nikon camera. One photo of HDR is actually made up of 5 shots that show the same scene at the same ISO level but with different lighting, ranging from -2 -1 0 +1 +2.

You can hover over the photo and then pull the arrows to the left or right to see the difference from before and after the HDR effect.

Here is another photo taken from Roppongi Hills a few weeks ago, with Mt Fuji in the background.

and a quick scene from Shibuya crossing in the rain

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  • Renechong

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs!

  • Ryudo

    I really like your HDR Photography.
    It almost looks like a painting.

  • perdomot

    I definitely like the pics on the left side best. Very nice work

  • lithiumangel

    Very good 🙂 The HDR of Sakuragaokacho came out very nicely! I still need to “HDR” my own Sakuragaokacho pictures from that moment. I had little time to even look at my pictures whilst in Japan so now that I’m home it’s post processing time!

    We were talking about polarizers at the time, the effect it would’ve had on this particular picture if you used one is getting rid of the reflections in the windows on the left in the picture and on the cars. They would’ve become clear/transparent. It’s a minor difference and it’s up to personal taste but in my opinion it makes urban pictures a bit more cleaner looking

    • Shibuya246

      Thanks. Good to catch up while you were here. Look forward to seeing some of your photos. Am glad we got a chance to talk photography even though it was just for a short time. I will try the polarizer.

  • Mei

    I always love your photos ! 😀

    • Shibuya246

      You are very kind. Thank you