Shibuya Sakura

Tsutaya with Sakura

A really nice day in Tokyo today with Sakura coming into full bloom. I captured these photos near Shibuya crossing.

People waiting in front of Hachiko
Waiting waiting waiting
A nice look at some advertising with sakura
Sakura closeup
Some police crossing with everyone
Some new ads at the station
Nice warm day today
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  • perdomot

    Looks so normal during the day, you’d never know about the reduced lighting at night.

  • Lisa

    Hello. Could you please tell me if life is relatively back to normal in Tokyo – transport, shopping, restaurants etc? I have a trip booked for June. There has been alot of alarmist news reports here in Australia. Greatly appreciated. Lisa

    • Shibuya246

      I think the foreign media have overreacted to the story in Japan, particularly with respect to the nuclear problem. Maybe they all forgot that Japan is not the only country with nuclear power plants. Life in Tokyo is getting back to normal for transportation, shops and restaurants. Many are trying to save power and so streets are a bit darker than normal. A 20% reduction in power usage is the figure often quoted as being required, so everyone is doing there bit. This means some stores shut earlier than normal. My video store now shuts at 10pm instead of 4am etc. There are some that worry about further earthquakes and also nuclear radiation, but those worries vary with the individual. Life in Tokyo feels normal and if anything people are more friendly now and willing to help others.

      • Lisa

        Thanks for the information. Lisa

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the information. I am still keen to go to Japan. I would like to keep the tourist dollars flowing! Lisa

    • lithiumangel

      By all means come to Tokyo in June, I’m a frequent traveler to Tokyo; 2-3 times a year. And so I’ve been here for the past week and to me .. aside from the streets being a bit darker at night (but STILL being much brighter than Amsterdam where I come from at full brightness) and a few escalators shut down where traffic isn’t really happening or it’s a tiny escalator that’s only 30 steps worth I don’t notice any difference at all with my previous trips.

      I’ve been clubbing as per usual, moving around town as per usual; just done everything as per usual – the public transportation within the 23 wards in center Tokyo is fine; if you go to the greater Tokyo area you sometimes have to deal with a train line being suspended temporarily due to a rolling blackout ; but tourists; especially 1st time ones don’t really have anything to do there.

      That’s how me, as an outsider experiences it.

      • perdomot

        Gonna be there in two weeks and wanted to ask which lines you’ve seen temporarily suspended. Thanks.

      • lithiumangel

        The lines heading out to the suburbs of greater Tokyo; in other words. The lines I have never used before; and probably you won’t either. Shinkansens to the west/south however you see it; do run nicely if your thinking of also going out to Kyoto,Shizuoka,Osaka etc. And temporarily suspended means like : 4 hours (i.e. the duration of a rolling blackout in greater Tokyo)

        Everything you’d normally use as a tourist or visitor; Chiyoda,Marunouchi,JR kehin tohoku, JR Inner loop, Ginza, Hibuya etc. etc. run just fine as per usual. Absolutely no worries there. Oh; if your coming in from Narita; i do know the NEX isn’t; running (but that’s an overpriced train anyway) the keisei skyliner is running. But consult how to get from Narita (or Hanada for that matter) to your destination the most efficient way.