Shibuya after Tokyo Earthquake 2011

Strange cloud patterns above 109

It is fairly quiet in Tokyo at the moment, a day after the 8.9 Magnitude strike in Tohoku northern Japan. I went out to Shibuya in the afternoon to see what the mood in town was. There were as many people out as normal, but more than half the stores were operating, although some at a reduced level.

We have been asked to conserve power at the moment as the stability of the electricity supply may be uncertain with Japan’s nuclear reactors damaged.

Here are a few photos showing the scene to be fairly normal and calm in Shibuya

Shibuya Station an the crossing
Looking through the entrance of Center-gai
Forever21 where HMV used to be
Time for a quick coffee at Doutor
Lots of new shops around here at the moment
Bic Camera
A few people on the street. Less than normal
Time to catch the train home
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  • Ellen

    Life goes on I guess!

  • Tristan

    So glad to hear you are OK Alan……when I heard about the earthquake, my thought immediately went to people like yourself who bring me my ‘Japanese fix’

    Thankyou for the pics and the updates…good to hear news ‘from the ground’


  • Shibuya246

    Thanks. We are all watching events on the news. The tsunami waves after the earthquake in and near Sendai have caused a great loss of life and damage in that region. Tokyo is lucky on this occasion not to be badly affected.

  • JosephineSicad

    Hi there… i liv now in singapore… we all are praying for Japan… Hoping everyone will stay strong.
    Thanks for your post. it’s indeed good to hear news from the ground…me and my husband are actually still pushing thru our travel plans to Japan by first week of April. Take care.