Naruto Bridge, Shikoku

You can walk under the Naruto Bridge and see the whirlpools that are made at high and low tide
The road above was quite noisy with traffic. Down below was a lot quieter
Heading down the track to start the walk under the bridge
A few quick snaps along the way
The walking map of the surrounding area. Lots to do and see
Glad the fencing was here to stop me diving in
Anyone worried at this stage?
Really great walkway here. Didn't feel like I was walking under a bridge
Looking down was a bit unnerving at times, particularly when there was only a piece of glass between you and the ocean
Nice effect of putting the map on top of the glass panel
A wider view of the sea and a few eddies
The whirlpools were not at full strength the day I visited, but it was still interesting to see
Looking around the bay
Quite a few other people under the bridge taking a look at the whirlpools
Plenty of chance for a lookout
Lots of little inlets and islands dotted about the place
The under structure of the bridge
Some places to buy souvenirs and eat
A more relaxing view of the bridge
Very peaceful
The colors in the bay were very bold
Lookout point with souvenir shops
Wakame Udon at Naruto Bridge
Lunch with a view
Nice to sit and watch the ships go by under the bridge
The souvenir shops and restaurants had some of the best views
After walking under the bridge, the next stop was to go to the top of the hill and look out from above
It took ages to go up this escalator and it was very hot
Taking a look from a much higher vantage point
The view out across the highway and Otsuka Intl Museum grounds on the left
A very blue day
Just a couple of others around taking photos, watching the boats go by
Time to go back down again
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  • Replica

    This looks like Tracey Island.

  • Tg.Hazu

    why is this bridge called naruto? no sasuke? 🙂

  • Jana

    I saw a Naruto episode where a bridge was called “Naruto” is this the same bridge? or it was just a coincidence? just curious though…

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