Tokyo Sunset

Shibuya Sunset

There are a number of places to see a great view of Tokyo City from high up. One of those is Roppongi Hills. In the evening you can see the sun setting over Mt Fuji. It was a bit cold today, but I thought it might be a good chance to catch Mt Fuji with a clear sky. There was a little bit of cloud around but otherwise the view was quite nice.

Must be cold working this job in the evening
Everyone waiting as the sun goes down
Tokyo Tower
Where do you live?
Some steam coming out of the air ducts
Helipad takeoff ready and waiting
Shibuya246 straight ahead, Shinjuku to the right
Heading to Shibuya and beyond
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  • autaku

    Lovely photos. I want to go to Roppongi Hills around sunset on my next trip to Japan; being open-air makes it a bit more ideal a destination for photography than Tokyo Tower or the city hall towers.

    • shibuya246

      That’s for sure. It costs either 1,500 Yen or 1,800 Yen, depending on the package you choose, to go to the 52Floor (indoors) and then another 300 Yen to go outside on the higher helipad floor. It is worth going outside.

  • Shibuya246

    New Planaterium in Shibuya, Sakuragaoka-cho

  • Stephanie12

    Are these HDR images? Some parts of the photos look rather glowy. Like the policeman in the 2nd photo 🙂

  • tristanforsyth

    Absolutely stunning photos. What effect are you using to draw the colours out like that?

    Again, brilliant photos that make me yearn to go back! Bring on June I say!

    • shibuya246

      These are HDR. Some are done with a single photo, others with 5 photos then merged. There were no tripods allowed so it made things a bit more difficult. I use photomatix for the merging.

  • Omar Hashmy – NYC – Film and Fashion. Social Media Marketing.

    Great photoset!! I went here when I was in Tokyo last April, but I didn’t go to the outside deck. I’m definitely adding this to my rapidly increasing list of things to do when I return though.

  • giraboonyanon

    Great View !! I will go to see it by my eyes.