Shikoku Gift Shops

Sudachi is one of the local fruits. Mixed with Sake or served with food it can be a nice freshner

Whilst in Shikoku I saw lots of gifts for bringing back. The most popular items seemed to be Udon (Sanuki Udon in particular) and anything with Sudachi in it.

Sudachi pie. looks great. Would you prefer to try unagi pie or sudachi pie?
Plenty of udon you can try here
Local wakame from the Seto Naikai
If you purchase more than 3,000 of goods you can talk as many of these as you can carry for free
Lots of choice out front
By the boxload
Toilet paper with a twist of Sakamoto Ryoma

What would you like as a gift from Shikoku ?

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  • perdomot

    The perfect Xmas gift!

  • Exiv96

    Nice photos ! It looks like an explosion of colors in that store.

    • shibuya246

      A very bright sunny day helped out as well.

  • irinacristinasucces

    Ohhh, the bright colours!