ABCLoop Launch Party, Roppongi launch party

I just came back from the launch event for in Roppongi where I met up with Billy and John Martyn, the founders of ABCLoop. The Site is for English speakers who want to teach, meet and network with Japanese people who want to learn English and travel overseas. The emphasis is on “social” and bringing people together.

Since the Site is new right now, are looking for people to sign up and save their teaching profile.

Teachers explanation screen
There are meetup events scheduled regularly starting from this month
Japanese users can easily register on the Site
Congratulations to on their succesful launch

I should have some more pictures from the launch party soon to show. Looking forward to the next event.

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  • Neksus

    Nice idea.

    Do they provide accomodations for teachers? (this sounds better spoken than written, late night humour)

  • perdomot

    I wish I was in Japan. I would love to do stuff like this to earn a living in Japan. I wont be back until April 2011 and can’t wait to return.