Japanese Food

Yudofu. Hot Tofu. Good on a cold night
Prawns from Setonaikai, eaten with the shells on. Very good and crispy!
Egg plant and asparagus in tempura style
Sashimi from Setonaikai hidden in onions. This tasted delicious
Yakitori from Tori Tori in Tokushima
Camel in yakitori style (without the tori)
Prawn pizza in Tokushima. Quite a different look for a pizza
Curry Udon
Japanese style steak
Wakame Udon at Naruto Bridge

What is your favorite Japanese food?

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  • perdomot

    I had Yudofu in Kyoto and its so good!

  • perdomot

    I got hooked on curry ramen last trip.

  • perdomot

    Great pics man! You should do more articles like this. My fave food in Tokyo is the ramen at Sunshine 60 store called Chukasoba Aoba. It was my first real ramen and still tastes the best to me. Try it if you get the chance.

    • shibuya246

      I might try that when I am next in Ikebukuro. I really enjoyed the food in Shikoku. The pictures remind me of how good it was 🙂 I might start a weekly “What am I Eating” series that captures my iphone lunches etc. When I go on a trip and I have my Lumix camera the photos just look a lot better than the iPhone.

      • perdomot

        I think a “What am I Eating” series would be great as one of the things I miss most about Japan is the food. I love the Combini series because there is so much stuff I want to taste that doesn’t exist in the US. The yudofu I ate was in Kyoto at a place called Junsei which is famous for yudofu but in the US, nobody knows about it although they do know tofu.

  • Neksus

    I shouldn’t have seen this… ^^

  • tristanforsyth

    Oh man…………that looks so good!

  • justinkunst
    Justin Kunst

    LOVE your blog. Made it my homepage! My favorite Japanese food is miso soup and tamago, I love to make it for breakfast when I don’t have a shake. My wife and I had a guest over today actually and I served him home made miso soup and tamago, he said it ate like a king!

    I do have a Japanese food question for you, is it traditional to use coconut milk / juice in dishes?

    Justin Kunst .com

    • shibuya246

      Fantastic to hear that 🙂 I haven’t heard of coconut milk in many dishes, but I am sure there are some. Miso stock, dashi, ponzu, mirin are common ingredients for a lot of things. I am not an expert so much on cooking the dishes, but love to eat 🙂 I am thinking of taking cooking classes soon, which could lead to some interesting block posts. “Adventures of shibuya246 in a cooking class”. Keep tuned

      • justinkunst
        Justin Kunst

        That would be SO COOL to see an expose on your cooking class in Japan. Thanks for the reply!

        Also – Thanks perdomot, you are right about the thai dishes using a lot of coconut mulk. I guess it’s not a very common Japanese Ingredient!

    • perdomot

      Coconut milk is used in Thai dishes from what I’ve seen.

  • tuneintokyo

    Advice – do not look at this page when you’re starving in the middle of the night like myself…. drooling over the takitori

  • ikon

    How was the camel and where did you get it at? I’d like to try some next time I’m in Tokyo. Also, what is it called?

    • shibuya246

      Camel wasn’t really that tasty. Camel in Japanese is “rakuda”. I got it in Tokushima on my visit to Shikoku.

  • Tg.Hazu

    japanese foods really look tasty. i just able to sushi at my place. so envy of you.

  • white26163

    Japanees food is very good in taste.It is really very tasty.