Mt Bizan, Tokushima

Another set of cars passes on the way

Mount Bizan is very close to the center of Tokushima. You can ride the Bizan ropeway up part of the way and get a good view of the town. The ropeway starts inside the Awaodori Kaikan about 15 minutes walk from Tokushima Station.

I have not been up in a cable car for a while. The start was a bit shaky, but it soon was smooth sailing
Good view of the temple grounds from here
A little bit hazy, but quite a nice view as the car climbed up the hill
This was the car in front going up the mountain
The station at the top called Sancho
The big wheel that keeps everything running properly
Well worth the ride to get to the top and see this view
Like the mountains and sea in the distance on the right
The city stretches out to the sea
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  • lithiumangel

    Somehow, I’m always afraid of cable car 🙂 It’s probably the latent tought of ” my life is litarly ON THE LINE here” hah.
    Had a foreign friend that when we went to Cologne totally wanted to ride the extremely long cable car ride over the Rhein river.
    I didn’t calm down for the whole trip as it was very windy and it just kept swinging everywhere – offcourse the touristy friend was LOVING IT. Heh.

    But ! Great pictures here again, as I said yesterday i’m really loving seeing views from area’s you’d normally never hear about when people talk about Japan; it’s mostly only about central Tokyo, or Kyoto.

    • Shibuya246

      I hope to bring you more from off the beaten path without actually getting into the wilderness too much. I am not much of a camper 😉

  • perdomot

    Amazing view. I went on the Hakone ropeway and was awestruck at the view.

    • Shibuya246

      Sounds good. Maybe I should try that as well.

      • perdomot

        Check out the Hakone Freepass which is good for two days and lets you use multiple forms of transport including the ropeway, pirate ship on Lake Ashi and various trains & buses. Best little two day getaway I’ve done while in Japan and its so inexpensive.

  • Neksus

    What if kids start to move from one side to other? Sling effect…

    I like the old mixed with new buildings like they do in Japan, makes it somewhat a tribute to tradition.

    Clean shots from above! Must have been fun, ne?

    • Shibuya246

      A lot of fun. I was only intended to go to the Awaodori Kaikan and was surprised to see the ropeway as well. Very nice surprise 🙂 There is a mosque and a small museum on the top as well

  • Ryudo

    These are some really nice shots.
    They make me wanna go there the next time I visit Japan.
    In general I love your photos. They give me the travel bug.

    • Shibuya246

      Very pleased to hear that. Looking at my own photos, I also feel like jumping on a train and visiting again 😉