Kobe Figure Taxi

I took a ride in this amazing taxi in Kobe with loads of figures hanging above my head. The driver was very keen to talk about his wonderful cab.

On my recent trip to Shikoku, I stopped in Kobe on the last night having driven over Awajishima. It was raining and I went out for a walk. To get back to the hotel I jumped in a taxi and was surprised to see a bunch of figures hanging from the ceiling. There were probably over 2,000 of the small items.

I think all of the figures were actually promotion pieces collected, probably from drinking beer!
All the figures were neatly arranged. It must have taken days to get them all set up. I hope he never intends to trade his cab in.

After the third photo, my battery died on the camera. Lucky it had just enough power left to capture this great taxi ride.

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  • lithiumangel

    wow – amazing, I love people that have an eye for detail and personalisation on a high degree such as this. Must’ve taken a while to collect! “Gotta get em all”

    • Neksus

      Same thought. Makes the cab more “home” like.
      Nice ride.