Shikoku Sunset

The sun was just setting when I came across this scene. The cloud coverage hid the sun and gave a perfect golden reflection in the bay. I drove down the bridge in the right of the picture later. It was quite a ride.

The shibuya246 has been down for a few days and I have only just managed to get it back up. The problem, basically, was hackers!! I have the main part of the site back up now and am checking the database files. Everything should be running just as before.

There are lots of photos (about 1,200 in total) to be processed from my recent trip to Shikoku. For the moment I will leave you to enjoy this sunset from Naruto (鳴門). I am sure most of you known the anime, Naruto. It is a peaceful scene which doesn’t really match the title of “site problems”, but then, for a moment, I thought the sun might have been setting on shibuya246.

Enjoy and look forward to some more trip photos.

Managed to just grab the last few moments before the sun went down behind the mountains. Thought I would try and play with the depth of field a bit on this one.
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  • shibuya246

    This bridge was quite high up and was pretty scary to drive down.

  • Neksus

    Obnoxious little pricks… like they can’t go on MS or Apple?

    Pics are really taken by chance, to have something like that I had to wait for it knowing the place beforehand.
    Lucky man!

  • Cory Roberts

    It’s a good thing that the site is back up after the hackers hacked the site and it was down for a few days. Hopefully the hackers don’t hack the site ever again.