Conbini Monday Wk60

These Yogurts from Natural Lawson look delicious. The mango from Okinawa sounds great, but I would like to try the tomato yogurt as well

A couple of items from a Natural Lawson for this week with lots of Sake thrown in for fun.

Plenty of Sake on display here at this conbini
Take your pick here and throw a party at home with friends
Sake in tetra packs. don't mix these up with your milk cartons!
Rilakkuma enjoying a few donuts whilst his caramel cafe au lait brews
Qoo jelly drink. two flavors to try
Picola is always nice. The strawberry flavor might make a nice change

It was raining in Tokyo today, but its always sunshine at the local conbini. I started my day with a cup of hot tea and an egg muffin at Natural Lawson. How was your day?

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  • .

    I love Qoo. Haven’t seen the jelly thingos before though.
    Uunn, I was going to go to Shibuya tomorrow, but instead I’m going to Disney Sea. Either one is fun, I suppose… ^^

  • insidethesilhouette

    I tried some tomato yogurt (though not the Confiture type as it’s too expensive). It wasn’t very good – kind of like tomato paste, yogurt, and sugar mixed together. :-p

    I’d love to know what is up with all of the tomato stuff in Japan these days. It’s the latest fad, but I don’t know what set it off.

  • perdomot

    This looks good but is it a drink?

  • Neksus

    *man looking at sake bottles*
    … this is like asking kids what parent they love more… insane….
    *man walks off the store and promises it’ll never happen again*
    That was my feeling, erm, I love the beverage ^^’
    Btw, what’s the difference among them? Is it like you have good wines and bad wines or sake just taste the same but have a few aftertaste variations? Truth is that I tried just 3-4 different brands and they weren’t that far from each other (one had a red oni on it, carton bottle, like milk, a with fewer alc. degrees more :))

    enough said

    P.s. Conbini week is back… “spread da word people”!!!

  • tristanforsyth

    Om nom nom…..

    Though those Sake tetra packs look a little lethal. Wonder if one would survive in my suitcase back to Australia when Im there?

    Lawdy, I love Lawsons!!!