Nagoya Station

Nagoya Station at night

I visited Nagoya a while ago and traveled to Ise Jingu on the train. My stay in Nagoya was short so I only managed to take a few photos around the Station before getting on the train.

Nagoya Station hotel
The night view on the street
Meitetsu department store
This structure in front of the station caught my eye at night with a nice blue reflection
Always nice to look at the train tracks from above
One of the new distinctive buildings surrounding Nagoya station
Same structure as seen in night shot before, but from a higher angle in daytime
Department store building at the Station
Can't remember the name of this mannequin statue. I think it is Jane?
a pikachu car at the feet of Jane
Each area of Japan seems to have a different feel about its train system
Getting ready to go to IseJingu
Local commuter train coming in to the station
I liked these barrier poles on the train
Nice colors on this train
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  • Neksus

    It took time, but it’s good to have you back.
    The last few articles are filled with nice pictures, and the first few here are candies for the eye!

    And it all feels great.

  • Nick

    Known by many as the “Witch’s Hat”

  • Nick

    Beer garden!

  • Nick


  • Nick


  • messedroom

    This thing have a name? Vanguardist art is not my fort, but im sure this accumulates some degrees at midday =o!

  • messedroom

    Can you explain me the purpose of this barrier, please?

    • shibuya246

      I think it is just to stop people falling between the carriages from the platform