Japanese Cats

Just your typical weekend in Japan

I almost missed this photo as I walked straight by a cafe in Shimokitazawa on the weekend and then realized, theres a guy having a coffee with a cat!!

As is typical in Japan, everyone’s on their mobile, even when they could be talking to the person sitting right next to them. The only odd thing is maybe that the cat doesn’t have its mobile phone out as well.

I will upload more photos of Shimokitazawa later in the week.

Do you think the cat has gone to sleep?

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  • kitamura

    Woah that cat looks so cool. Is that a Cat Cafe?! He even got his own cushion.

  • lithiumangel

    Amazingly cute 🙂 Nice capture !

  • alfonsusgollu

    saw this guy at shinyurigaoka too..:)
    good pair!

  • Cat Names

    The cat is cool and gentle!