Ise Jingu, Naiku

The entrance way to Ise Jingu (Naiku)
The entrance to Ise Jingu Naiku leads over a wooden bridge with beautiful mountain views
A glimpse of the mountains and lake below. The air was really fresh and clean here
The pathways inside Ise Jingu were wide open and gave a very relaxed atmosphere
Some great trees in the surrounding gardens
Plenty of Mons and gravel pathways
Lots of walking involved around Ise Jingu

Cleansing the hands before offering prayers

You can go down to the stream and play in the water as this child was doing. Great on a hot day

Walking past some of the main buildings, used for selling charms and gifts
Very peaceful and relaxed even though it was a hot day and lots of people around
Beautiful architecture
Climbing the steps to the main shrine
It got crowded here with many people stopping to offer prayers
Liked the green roof cover here
Beautiful wooden bridges crossing this small stream area
Back in the main river, a group of people were enjoying the cool water
Walking back to the main entrance
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  • Neksus

    Great place to be.
    Green, peaceful, quiet (I hope).

    So, making up your mind on changing continent? Or old Rising Sun still has something to give?
    Anyway it’ll be “drugstore monday” 🙂

  • Kensei

    Love the site. I miss Japan so much, can’t wait to go back next year. Looks like all these were shot in AP at f/1.4 and iso200, some of them are over-exposed and others have distracting blur; maybe you’re experimenting with a new lens but you should try a couple stops down on wider pan shots especially during the day with good light, and the shots with people moving in the foreground.