Yamashita Koen, Yokohama

Nice to see the old forms of transportation on the streets of Yokohama. These tree lined avenues are really nice as well. Almost like a European city in atmosphere. Very different to Tokyo.
Yamashita Koen and the well known Hikawa Maru in the background. Beautiful day out.
The park area of Yamashita Koen is laid out in sections. This area is a sunken garden which I think used to be a small boating pond back around 150 years ago when Yokohama Port was opening up to the West.
You can see some of the Minato Mirai buildings in the background here across the park.
Great atmosphere in the park. Plenty of chance to take photos.
Lots of folks just strolling or taking photos made for a perfect relaxing weekend.
The date here reads 1986 on this Edinburgh made wheel. Anyone know the history behind this? I am guessing there is a story that goes back many more years.
The benches in Yamashita Koen are normally packed with people taking a rest and enjoying the scenery. At night time, couples take over the seated area.
The grassy areas overflowed with people too.
Look closely and you can see this is not a dog, but a rabbit. Yes, even rabbits need to be taken out for a stretch of the legs every now and then.
The Spring Fair flower festival is on at the moment, so a number of flower displays have been set up in the park.
These flowers were simple but looked great in the park giving the concrete a softer touch.
Great place to share a beer, or maybe some Nihonshu.
A peak of the boat behind the flowers. Just testing out some DOF here with the 85mm lens.
The focus got a bit too distant on this shot, but I was trying to capture the シャボン玉, bubbles in the background.
Looks like Gachapin is peaking out of the tub by the flowers.
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    That rabbit is so cute. Looks like he is on a leash? That is so adorable.

    • shibuya246

      from the book “1,001 things you can put on a leash” 😉

  • shibuya246

    When was the last time you took a rabbit for a walk?

  • shibuya246

    not enough focus here. Should have maybe tried it at around f/3.0 ?

  • shibuya246

    Gacahapin is watching you. I think he wants a beer.

  • perdomot

    Oh damn, I was there yesterday too! Small world man. I walked through the park on my way to Chinatown where I had the best damn shrimp chahan I’ve ever tasted.

    • shibuya246

      Wow, we could have caught up

  • bookindian – . . . Just a flat-assed old man addicted to electronica and plump women . . .

    maybe if you try the f/5.6 to catch the “bubbles” and some of the foreground . . . .

    • shibuya246

      wow, that much up. I will try that next time I see bubbles 🙂

  • Andrea Watt

    Can’t beat the blue colour of the Lobelia in the foreground of the final photo. Such great colours.

    • shibuya246

      sure. I wouldnt have taken it apart from seeing Gachapin, but the colors do make a nice scene dont they?

  • Neksus

    Lovely last pic, and lovely girl…
    You are a master in catching people in the right place at the right moment.

    People are a hard subject, you really need an eye better than an eagle’s…

  • ~鈴多~

    Thank you for those wonderful photos of my new home to be for one year starting September <3 It's nice to get an impression beforehand.
    The girl in the last picture looks like a Japanese version of a girl I know, who will study abroad as well, just at another university.
    I'm glad I found your site and I'm looking forward to your future posts and pictures.

    • shibuya246

      Glad you like them. Have a great time. I am sure the year will fly by. Enjoy 🙂

  • mhr

    It’s really amazing all this beauty in Japan.
    Kind people are green trees, refreshing clean streets, and all of them are blended with beautiful colors.